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Y-5 Token — the next blockchain revolutionary phase coming in 2022

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In 2022, the Y-5 Token will usher a new era of innovation in the cryptocurrency sector. This sophisticated project brings excellent variety and cutting-edge technology to the table while requiring…

In 2022, the Y-5 Token will usher a new era of innovation in the cryptocurrency sector. This sophisticated project brings excellent variety and cutting-edge technology to the table while requiring the most negligible fees.

With up to five sources of reflection, the Y-5 Token is a pioneer in the blockchain industry. You will obtain Evergrow, Relfecto, Crypter, Rematic and BUSD just by holding onto Y5. When it comes to receiving reflections, the Y-5 Community will choose between over 10,000 tokens, including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple (XRP).

Users that possess Y-5 Tokens will earn a 15% on every transaction in Evergrow, Reflecto, Crypter, Rematic and BUSD. While the total supply of Y-5 Tokens is 1,000,000,000,000,000, 45% of total Y-5 Tokens will be allocated to pre-sale and early liquidity and 50% will be transferred to the burn address, 3% to the founders and crew, and 2% to marketing. 1% of each transaction is converted to liquidity, and 4% is a strategic repurchase, establishing a long-term stable price floor.

Autoyielding on Y-5

Later on, the contract will be updated to automatically yield up to 5 tokens of your choice. This will be a smooth transfer, which means that users will not be required to do anything during the transfer. In order to get reflections in their preferred tokens, individuals may go onto our dashboard and make their selection, based on their objectives and preferences.

Besides, the auto LP staking mechanism will be launched as well, so that token holders may stake their tokens in order to obtain access to up and coming projects with the least amount of risk. By staking the tokens, users will receive 0.05 percent of each transaction of future tokens, at the same time achieving this with minimum downside.


Decentralised Applications of Y-5

Furthermore, the platform’s objective is to empower developers to create decentralised apps (DApps) and to assist consumers in managing their digital assets cross-chain with minimal latency and high capacity. Numerous benefits of dApps are related to the program’s ability to protect user privacy. Users of decentralised applications do not need to input personal information to utilise the app’s functions. DApps use smart contracts to enable transactions between two anonymous individuals to be completed without the need for a central institution.

Through our dApp Dashboard, which is constantly updated and supported by the community, comprises a Swap exchange with a user-friendly interface that enables real-time viewing of Rewards earned. Our Ecosystem has limitless potential, which is enabled by our staff, which is the ideal blend of brains and brawn, ensuring that each investment has a personalised experience.

We aim to create a protocol for frictionless yield farming and liquidity production that operates autonomously. Hence, we will move part of our liquidity to our Partnered Tokens via the use of an ingenious collection of smart contracts for Staking Pools by purchasing them on specific contract interactions. The acquired tokens are subsequently divided to the Pool’s members. This principle underpins the long-term usefulness of our currency, since staking X token to gain Y token makes economic and mathematical sense.

Project Values of Y-5

In the blockchain industry, trust is extremely important. Therefore, this requires absolute transparency in all facets of community and development activity, as well as security initiatives. Transparency is something that we hold dear. Hence, our team will be doxed and will only have a% stake in the company, which will be locked for six months. Certik will audit the team and confirmed that Y-5 has completed all KYC requirements.

Moreover, longevity is paramount for our project, which seeks to remain resilient through the continuous waves of technological innovation. As a result, we aim to guarantee that Y-5 remains on an upward trajectory by implementing a buy back mechanism.

Y-5 & NFTs

Our Marketplace, which is based on BSC, will enable NFT owners to simply borrow against their NFTs as collateral at competitive interest rates without needing to sell their NFTs first. This implies that anybody can make substantial profits from their NFTs rather than having them simply sit in crypto wallets.

By using our platform, anybody may purchase and sell NFTs in a variety of ways, including those obtained via liquidated collateral from the NFT Lending platform. This creates a highly competitive market for buying NFTs at a discount to their typical market value. In addition, the marketplace will have a minting tool that will let users produce their own NFTs using photographs, videos, and other types of information.

Considering the multiple case application, innovative technologies and resilience of Y-5, its emergence being a landmark in the evolution of the token industry.